At Findon High School we place a high value on students experiencing leadership opportunities during their education. It is through these experiences that the art of building effective relationships with teams, defining identities and achieving tasks successfully can be acquired.

With the re-introduction of Prefects in 2018 after a 40-year hiatus, and the revamping of the Student Representative Council, students are being offered the vehicle to genuinely have a say in improving Findon High School.

The framework of student leadership at Findon High School encompasses:
  • Leadership in action
  • Leadership style
  • Team culture
  • Discipline
  • Vision
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving and decision-making
  • Resolving conflict
  • Understanding and managing change
How does Findon High School aim to achieve this?
  • We assume responsibility for serving others in order to achieve the mission of the school
  • We attempt to lead by example and encourage others to develop positively as individuals
  • We embrace the highest standards of loyalty, service and integrity, and act in a manner consistent with the tradition and values of our school
  • We look for student leaders who will be authentic, who will listen to people and who are passionate about serving others and their school community
  • We admire those who can personalise the collective experience for all of us.
Students at Findon High School have the opportunity to experience leadership through the following opportunities:
  • Formal positions such as House Captain and Prefect
  • Achieving success with friends and peers in the classroom, on the sporting field and on the stage
  • Striving to embody the values of the school for which we stand.

Findon High School has now selected the Student Leadership Team for 2020. They are a passionate and committed group of young people, of integrity and principle who will continue the fine tradition of student leadership at our school.

Alie Negruk

Hello, my name is Alie Negruk. I am one of the three 2021 prefects. I feel very privileged to have been chosen for this role and very much look forward to planning exciting events and activities to build our schools team culture. I am a very motivated learner and am always open to criticism and new ideas. As a prefect my goal is to help as many students as possible and bring in my peer's ideas. I want to be approachable and trustworthy, making the school a better place.

Alie Negruk

Josh Vawser

Hello! My name is Josh Vawser and I have been selected as one of the Findon High School Prefects for 2021. I am extremely grateful to be put in this position of leadership and look forward to all of the opportunities that will come my way. I look forward to promoting our school at various events and helping our school to grow into its fullest potential. I also can't wait to organise events for the students such as sporting and academic tournaments between our school houses, and casual day fundraisers. I hope to be a prefect that students can approach easily and share their ideas with me.

Josh Vawser

Joban Virdi

Hello, my name is Joban Virdi and I have been elected as one of the 2021 prefects of Findon High School. I incredibly happy and excited to take upon my leadership role and strive with my fellow perfects and leaders towards excellence in our school. I’m a prefect that students can approach and share their thoughts anytime they like. I can’t wait to organise events in our school that bring out the house culture within our students. I also can’t wait to be involved in events that helps our grow to its full potential and I will do all this with a smile on my face.

Joban Virdi

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