Findon High School is a BYOD school – all students in Intermediate and Graduate Levels (Years 10-12) need to bring their own laptop (or optionally borrow a daily loan laptop from ICT)

In 2022 all Foundation Students (Years 7 & 8) and Intermediate (Year 9) have the option of participating in the “Subsidised Laptop Program” where the school will supply a laptop to all foundation students with a parent/caregiver contribution of $390 payable over 3 years. The device will remain the property of Findon High School until at they complete 3 years at Findon High School, and if a student leaves before that time the laptop must be returned or the full cost of the laptop paid. For more details of this program please contact the school.

Bring your own device

The schooling generation of today is like no other. Imagine a classroom where every student is actively engaged and in control over the pace, timing and content of their own learning.  Ownership of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)  provides students with far greater opportunities to interact virtually with teachers and fellow peers and students are more likely to continue learning outside of schools hours.

BYOD allows students to have the same experiences at school and at home.

We believe that ownership of a BYOD is essential from the start of their schooling at FHS to fully participate in all that Student Centred Learning has to offer.

You may already have a device that you can use – any Windows Laptop or Tablet or any Apple Mac Laptop should meet the minimum specifications, if not a device can be purchased from our partners or from any of the many retail outlets.

Once you have a suitable device the ICT Staff at Findon High school can install Microsoft Office and other required applications and connect it to the school’s network and printers.

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The BYOD Advantage

There are many advantages to the BYOD model, these include the following:

  • The technology is available to the student all day at school, so learning is not limited by availability of high demand school resources
  • Devices can be smaller, more convenient to carry and are generally more easily accessible
  • Provides consistent and more up-to-date access to ICT, allowing students to view e-textbooks, videos, educational apps, online research, digital learning apps
  • Seamless integration between home and at school, leading to more consistent application to school work (assuming a suitable broadband connection at home)
  • Students have complete control of their own devices and are not obliged to return them at the end of a lesson or a day, thus reducing time wasted by booking or returning equipment.
  • Research suggests that when students have ownership of their devices, engagement in learning increases, ICT skills improve and students become more versatile in the way they demonstrate their learning outcomes
  • Students can become more autonomous learners, improving their self-reliance and resilience, which provides a more solid grounding for higher learning and employment

We believe BYOD is the best possible solution to maximising your child’s learning outcomes, as his/her device will be able to connect with the school network any time at home and at school.

It is anticipated that some students will already have their own devices, and we encourage these students to bring them to school for use in the BYOD program.

There will be a requirement for students to submit a completed BYOD user agreement, which will be signed by parents before they can be registered as users on the BYOD Network. It will be the students’ responsibility to use their personal device productively, therefore if there is any misuse or game playing there will be consequences in place.

Under the BYOD program, our ICT Office team will be available to help with network issues, but will not be dealing with issues that are specific to each device, as each BYOD program device remains the property of the students and their families. This is a contrast from the previous program, where the school retained ownership of laptops and was therefore responsible for their maintenance.

Should there be further enquiries you would like to make in regards to this new initiative please feel free to contact the ICT Team at the school and we will be happy to discuss any query with you. Our number is 8445 7944 and we can be contacted between 8.30am – 4.00pm on school days or email us at

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