Rikako Konishi - International Student 2015

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you for having and supporting me for 10 months. It was such a fantastic time and I really enjoyed every single moment at Findon High School. I found Findon more relaxed than my Japanese high school and this is one of the things I loved about Findon. I always like having sunshine outside (not on the 39 degrees day though) and relaxing for next lesson. In my Japanese high school, most students including me are always inside, even during breaks and we don’t move room each lessons so I was always in the same class room for the whole day. However, since I came to Findon, I walk around in the school every day. I feel it gives me a stretch after each lesson which I always wanted to do in Japan.

I would like to talk more about what I loved about Findon High School. I still remember when I first came to Findon High School. I was very nervous but also excited starting a new school life there. When I got to the front office, there were the teachers who welcomed me and I felt happy and comfortable to be there. I also remember that many of you helped and talked to me that day. (I know all of you always helped me and I really appreciate it.) I felt very happy when you offered help for me, like “Do you need any help?” and everything you did for me has absolutely made my school life easy. Not only the students but the teachers support my schooling at Findon. Every teacher always talked to me and I always had a good time talking with the teachers. I never really felt comfortable talking with teachers before I came to Findon. I also liked the ways the teachers’ were teaching me. I found teachers really helpful for every student; they treated us as adults, which is great. I always loved taking to the teachers so I definitely will miss every teacher at Findon. I also liked lessons, I found them more individual but make us be discussing. From taking lessons, I have learnt that asking questions is very important to not only achieve well but get ideas. When I came here, I couldn’t ask questions until I had got an offer of helping because I never used to. You might not believe it, but I never really asked question to teacher during lesson even when I was confused, in Japan. I now don’t really know why I didn’t do that because I now ask questions to teachers and always get good idea from it. I’ve also had opportunities to attend some events. I tried Rock Climbing for the first time and I really enjoyed it. However the most memorable event I had was music concert (performance). I performed as a member of Year 11 band many times and I always had a great time. I really liked my year 11 band because our performance was always getting better and better each we practice and we actually enjoyed every song. I just want to thank all band member and Ms. Stanco, for having me in their fantastic band. I still have a lot of things I want to talk to you about how my life at Findon was great. Again, thank you for having me; I swear I will miss you and Findon soon!                                                            


Rikako Konishi