Interview Evening

Click on the link on the Findon High School Website (or the link that was sent to you via email or sms or on the information sheet sent home) The site will work on most devices (laptops, tablets and phones)

The session code if required is: yuamt

Enter your detail on the screen (the actual view may vary to the image below)


Fill in your details (current email, mobile phone etc)

Choose the number of students that you have at Findon HS

Enter their name(s)

Then click  


Next choose the subjects and teachers

 Choose the Subject(s) and Teacher(s) that you want to see from the drop down on the right

(More rows will appear if you fill all showing)

When you have selected all the Subject/Teachers you want to see click  

Choose the Interview times

Choose your interview times (it is recommended that 1 slot is left between each interview to allow time to get to the next interview)

When you have selected all the interview times click  

A Summary of your interviews will be shown onscreen and an email will be sent to you.